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screenshot phpfilemanager is a simple online filemanager to browse/edit/modify/upload/download files from your computer to a webserver. It is very small and fast. (it has only ~4 KB). Installation is very simple, only extract to a php4 (i don't know if it works with php3) enabled webdirectory and then start with "http://server/directory/index.html". currently there is no config. Warning! If you don't secure the directory where phpfilemanager (by .htaccess for example) is installed, anyone could edit/view/upload/delete files!! download news * 9.5.2005 added warning to website because of careless people * 6.2.2003 fixed bug in download.php (filename was send wrong to browser) * 25.1.2003 fixed some bugs * 23.1.2003 added first version feedback is welcome! contact: matthias at abma dot de